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Posts published in “South Asia”

Maldives, not just for Honeymoon


Yes. You read it right. Maldives can be more than a honeymoon spot and expensive resorts. It can also be a family vacation spot. A water adventurer’s fantasy land. A solace from the concrete jungle and rat race. It can be expensive. But it can also be affordable. It can…

VISA for Sri Lanka


Also known as Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA), it is an official authorization for a short visit to Sri Lanka. It is issued electronically. ETA holders will be issued a 30-day Short Visit visa at the port of entry in Sri Lanka. The ETA is initially limited to 30 days validity…

A surprise visit to Sri Lanka


August 2017 and India – Sri Lanka test matches were going on in Colombo. And my husband had a brainwave for the next long weekend that was to follow. Just like that, our trip to Sri Lanka was planned. We booked our tickets immediately and applied for the visa. Without…